We create elements of Amber Chamber for 25 years.

Photos from Saint Petersburg are taken 15 metres far...
...but our works Youness can see by magnifying glass.



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Amber price is decreasing last time. offers works 50% cheaper.

The Sun is 50% cheaper.

 Wir spechen nur mit Kunden.

We speak only with our clients.

Dear Sirs and Madams. Any delivery is not possible without unrepeyable advance 50% since 1960 y.

   Raw precious stones cost 10000 Euro.


   Several thousand people are working in business. Everywhere is only one kind of the terms and conditions.

   Is it clear?

New item below:

Available to buy at present.

Unique and plate shaped.
Found 18 insects inside amber.

Dimentions: 14x18x5 [mm].

Price to negotiate.

Koszt przesyłki listem poleconym na obszarze Polski

tylko 5 zł. Przy zakupach od 200 zł koszt przesyłki: 0 zł.

Item below: amber necklace

Weight: 84 g

Price: 480 Euro

     Centralny kamień będzie wymieniony gdyż nie tylko nie pasuje do całej kompozycji

ale również jako centralny element pasowałby raczej do innej kompozycji.

   Właśnie nawet z Ewką z rozmawialiśmy na ten temat pewnego wieczoru.

   Ciekawym jest czy Jego Wysokość King bin Aziz of Saudi Arabia nie opuścił naszego

serwisu Baltic-Room właśnie z powodu niezbyt ukończonej naszej pracy.

Below: Second diamond found in Botswana in 2015 year.

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Interesting. w w w gems.keep p l ...
Amber-Chamber, Dodany: 02.11.2016, 13:33
Any trusworthy person in EU? Many Voyagers met EU last century Madam.
25y, Dodany: 02.11.2016, 00:47
Kid. Jewellers usually are discreet persons.
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It is possible to photograph in high resolution. More write Me Madam please.
no500butMORE, Dodany: 02.11.2016, 00:37
For years I saw only one group of insects inside amber stone. Approx. 4X bigger. But the mosaic`s character brings result as this: XYour not far south roots. Also not Orient`s neighbourhood excluding limited areas in India. It is possible to photogr
Fox, Dodany: 01.11.2016, 14:03
Frederick William I King of Prussia got one free. And He had been a highly effective ruler due to His exceedingly valuable brain.
Lion, Dodany: 01.11.2016, 13:38
Use magnifying glass please.

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